Our Team

The Southside Pet Hospital team

Our staff of experienced and expert veterinarian doctors and skilled vet staff is ready when your pet needs us. Call or contact us today to learn more.


Daria L LaLumondier, Registered Licensed Veterinary Technician

Daria is a great addition to our staff. She is very proficient in the surgery, lab and dental areas! She has been invaluable to support our doctors with monitoring hospital and surgery patients as well as performing dental procedures. Daria has many outside the practice activities that keep her very busy. She is very active at the gym which certainly makes it easier for her to handle any large pets in the surgery ward!


Barbara Farris

Barbara joined our staff in November of 2003. Her dedication to her work is noticed and appreciated by the staff and clients alike. Barb stays busy in her off hours, tending their acres and helping care for her mom. She is a mom herself of two young adults! She also enjoys traveling with her husband to the beach or other interesting destinations.

Alison Zuwalt

Alison maintains our records and contacts clients about services their pets may need. She spends a good part of her time talking to clients, so be sure to tell her hi when she calls! Alison has some new duties in the afternoons and Saturdays...assisting in the exam rooms and at the front desk. Alison loves to play with the puppies and kittens that visit us. They remind her of all her pets at home! Alison is taking challenging classes at Johnson County Community College AND got married last summer. She is one busy, efficient gal!

Vicki Ebenstein

Vicki has been with Southside since 2005! She is at the front desk, ready to help you. She and her husband live in rural Johnson County and are the proud parents of two recent college graduates. AND they are expecting their first grand child.

Casey Newcome

Casey started as an animal caretaker in 2007, moving to a position at the front desk in 2008. She and Kendra handle the rush hour in the afternoons and man the front desk on Saturdays. You might notice that Casey is now married and her last name is Newcome.

Kendra Martin

Kendra Martin joined our staff June 2009. She had previously worked for a clinic in Lawrence and we are happy to have her at Southside. Kendra is usually the one who calls you with reminders of services due. She works afternoons and Saturdays, so be sure to say hello when you come in.


Kennel Support

Kennel staff duties include: walking, feeding, cleaning and playing with the boarding pets. Each staff member monitors the health and safety of your pet while in the kennel. All these conscientious people work hard to provide quality care for your pets.


Janet Stuart

Janet is an experienced groomer and we are happy to have her on the staff. She is available to visit with clients and their pets to get just the right grooming look! Her gentle and patience touch is evident as she bathes, clips and fluffs pets. Janet and her husband, Ken, keep busy with family and friends.